How much should you charge for makeup as a beginner

 You've just graduated cosmetology school or received your makeup certification and then now what. You're caught in how much you should charge as a beginner.  


When I first started doing makeup about 6 years ago, I researched youtubers and social media artist to see what they were charging. There are sites like styleseat where you can search someone in your area, and find out their prices. Once I saw the range of prices were $75- $100 (I live in New York), i knew what my target price would be.  


I started off charging $40. I purchased a lot of my makeup from companies like bh cosmetics,, and ulta. I would buy things that were on sale. This helped build my kit.  My first foundations were drugstore brands such as L'Oréal and covergirl. Every client payment I used towards buying things for my kit. I branched out to more higher end brands, such as MAC, makeup forever, Sephora etc. 


Once I became more comfortable with my artistry, I started charging $50. With more knowledge and practice I became better and charged more. I would also attend makeup classes held by MAC. I followed a lot of hashtags and found artist in my area that were holding classes. I did a lot of hands on training to help with becoming better. 


Once I started to work at Sephora, which was my first cosmetic job, I slightly raised my price. I had a great support system, where everyone helped with being my model for an interview. Helping out with shoots to help build my portfolio. These things helped shape my brand and helped with my artistry. 


Piece of advice. Know your worth! As for my price now, I charge $80. All of my peers feel I should be charging $100 or more. But keep in mind your target market. That'll also help with determining your rate.  My rate does go up gradually each year. As I grow so does my skill level. I don't use many of the makeup items I used before. Not that they aren't any good. Its customer preference and what works for my clientele. 


Clients would most likely book you again based  on what's in your kit.  I still practice every chance I get. Makeup is constantly evolving and so should you. Yet there are some trends you should bypass lol. I am always learning. I may not be where I used to be, but I am always practicing and brushes up on my skills.