How much should you charge for makeup as a beginner

 You've just graduated cosmetology school or received your makeup certification and then now what. You're caught in how much you should charge as a beginner.  


When I first started doing makeup about 6 years ago, I researched youtubers and social media artist to see what they were charging. There are sites like styleseat where you can search someone in your area, and find out their prices. Once I saw the range of prices were $75- $100 (I live in New York), i knew what my target price would be.  


I started off charging $40. I purchased a lot of my makeup from companies like bh cosmetics,, and ulta. I would buy things that were on sale. This helped build my kit.  My first foundations were drugstore brands such as L'Oréal and covergirl. Every client payment I used towards buying things for my kit. I branched out to more higher end brands, such as MAC, makeup forever, Sephora etc. 


Once I became more comfortable with my artistry, I started charging $50. With more knowledge and practice I became better and charged more. I would also attend makeup classes held by MAC. I followed a lot of hashtags and found artist in my area that were holding classes. I did a lot of hands on training to help with becoming better. 


Once I started to work at Sephora, which was my first cosmetic job, I slightly raised my price. I had a great support system, where everyone helped with being my model for an interview. Helping out with shoots to help build my portfolio. These things helped shape my brand and helped with my artistry. 


Piece of advice. Know your worth! As for my price now, I charge $80. All of my peers feel I should be charging $100 or more. But keep in mind your target market. That'll also help with determining your rate.  My rate does go up gradually each year. As I grow so does my skill level. I don't use many of the makeup items I used before. Not that they aren't any good. Its customer preference and what works for my clientele. 


Clients would most likely book you again based  on what's in your kit.  I still practice every chance I get. Makeup is constantly evolving and so should you. Yet there are some trends you should bypass lol. I am always learning. I may not be where I used to be, but I am always practicing and brushes up on my skills. 






Last month I turned 29. Only one short year away from 30! A milestone.  Then why do I feel so sad and blue. Most people don't make it to their 25th birthday some not even a day out of the womb. Thirty is the pivotal moment where you figure out who you are. 



I thought I would've had many things accomplished by now. Career? Husband. Children.  House. I put a question mark next to career because I feel I am in my career but still want so much more. 


As you may know I am a makeup artist for MAC cosmetics. This was a dream job of mine since I started doing makeup. I've been here two years, three if you count my short time at herald square. Now I love it. But I want more. 


At thirty I should have a more solid career. Owning my own business. Which I'm working on.  


Some of the greatest started their careers way after 30. I won't let my age determine where I should be. I recently came across this video with Taraji P. Hensen after she won an award. It was the push I needed to steer me into the right direction. 


So often we get negative feedback from close friends and family about pursuing a dream they don't deem worthy. If I would've let that affect me 5 years ago then I wouldn't be where I am now. 


Now is the time to not think about age. Thinking you can't accomplish your goals due to your age. 


My sister Lakisha is an amazing life coach. Watching her continue to follow through with her dreams of moving across town to los angles. A dream we both said we would do she is now making it a reality. 


Her life coaching business is picking up. Which motivates  me to push harder to start all the things I want to do. 


The time is now. This minute. This second. This post was long overdue. A month actually. But I will make a commitment to myself to post more contact. 


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transition to natural

Lately I have been on a natural hair fix. Trying to find things that work with my natural 4c hair. Now I skipped the "big chop" (which is cutting off all your hair and starting over) and went straight to growing it out with protective styles. 

I already had a pixie cut that I was rocking for the past 5 years. I loved a short hairstyle, the maintenance was just too much. My hair would grow like wildfire. Every 3-4 weeks I would have to cut it back into a shape until one day I decided I didn't want perms anymore. 

Perms stopped working in my hair.  Causing me to perm more often which was damaging my hair. Started off with weaves, braids you know the usual. After almost a year of protective styles I decided I wanted to debut my hair to the world.   

The first time I wore my hair natural was so liberating and exciting,yet I was scared. As far as I can remember I've always gotten a perm. Always wore my hair straight. With encouragement from friends and family and of course my boyfriend, I was ready. 

In August 2015 my fro made its debut! I felt everyone was staring at me. The beautiful comments from people who are also natural was worth it. I felt free!  

I am now 2 years perm free. Loving and embracing my coils. So to my ladies looking for affirmation, encouragement know that I was there too. My hair its at its healthiest and fullest I've ever seen. 

August 2015


March 2017

March 2017

My September Morphe Brushes

Some of my favorite brushes that I use daily are Morphe brushes. They have this awesome program where you pay $19.99 a month for 3-5 brushes. I recommend this program to artist or enthusiast just starting out and need some good inexpensive brushes. Or for the pro artist who loves extra brushes. 


Pictured L-R R38, R41, R37, R5 

The R5 pro contour brush is what its name says. The bristle on this brush is very soft. The tapered point is ideal for someone who is a beginner in contouring. The hair starts off with a fuller base which is suitable for blending out the edges of the contour. Sits perfectly underneath the cheek bone. 

The R37 pointed blender is a fave of mine. Its tapered bristles are perfect for carving out the crease area. This brush acts as a contour brush, like the R5, but for the eyes. Good for blending out shadows. Or for creating depth in the crease area. 

The R41 pencil crease is perfect for those cut creases. I would also use the brush to add color on the bottom lash line. The R41 helps with precision. To define your crease even more or to add a little contrast to the lower eye. 

The R38 round blender is perfect for your transition colors. Its fluffy shape diffuses color to be evenly distributed.  You can also apply concealer with this brush. I know it may come as a shock. The frame of the brush blends out concealer, shadow, and even foundation. You would use it on smaller areas. 

If you would like to give any of these brushes a try use my link to sign up


Signed Facebynicole 

How I became a Professional Makeup Artist

I get often asked "why did I become a makeup artist" or "when did I know I wanted to become a makeup artist?" I don't know how to answer that question. I just remember playing in my grandmother's makeup as a kid. During my early 20s (I'm 28 lol) I went through a terrible acne faze. Breakouts all over my skin it was horrible.  

So I decided to turn to makeup, to help cover my acne. If only I knew what, I know now. Makeup was not the answer at that time lol. It did help with my confidence tho. Around this time I wouldn't let anyone see me without it. I still suffer from acne but not as bad. I'm more comfortable going outside without it. Which I will talk about in a later post. 

I told myself if I'm going to continue to wear it every day then I need to know everything about it. I then enrolled in Youtube University. I'm kidding, but seriously I would watch videos all day long about color theory and how to apply makeup. I attended makeup classes by Renny Vasquez, Tatiana Ward, Dani Fonseca, etc. Makeup wasn't easy to learn. I studied day and night. Practicing as much as possible. I practiced on all my friends and family. Perfecting my craft one stroke at a time. It took me a whole year to understand brows and color theory. You never stop learning.

I also attended classes from Mac and Sephora. Big name Makeup Artist I found on Instagram and youtube. Wherever I was able to get the information I went. I invested so much money into learning how to do makeup for myself. Then it dawned on me why not do it as a career? I realized this after two years of learning I wanted to do this full time. 

I remember having the talk with my grandmother telling her how I wanted to make Makeup Artistry a career. Of course, she tried to talk me out of it, but my mind was made up. Fast forward I've followed my dream of becoming a professional makeup artist. I'm still learning along the way. Trends are always changing. Therefore I'm always studying and still practicing like I've done in the beginning. 

I work for the company that has helped further my career. I say all of this to say NEVER GIVE UP. There will be many hard times where you feel like giving up. DON'T! Push yourself. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Signed Facebyicole