Last month I turned 29. Only one short year away from 30! A milestone.  Then why do I feel so sad and blue. Most people don't make it to their 25th birthday some not even a day out of the womb. Thirty is the pivotal moment where you figure out who you are. 



I thought I would've had many things accomplished by now. Career? Husband. Children.  House. I put a question mark next to career because I feel I am in my career but still want so much more. 


As you may know I am a makeup artist for MAC cosmetics. This was a dream job of mine since I started doing makeup. I've been here two years, three if you count my short time at herald square. Now I love it. But I want more. 


At thirty I should have a more solid career. Owning my own business. Which I'm working on.  


Some of the greatest started their careers way after 30. I won't let my age determine where I should be. I recently came across this video with Taraji P. Hensen after she won an award. It was the push I needed to steer me into the right direction. 


So often we get negative feedback from close friends and family about pursuing a dream they don't deem worthy. If I would've let that affect me 5 years ago then I wouldn't be where I am now. 


Now is the time to not think about age. Thinking you can't accomplish your goals due to your age. 


My sister Lakisha is an amazing life coach. Watching her continue to follow through with her dreams of moving across town to los angles. A dream we both said we would do she is now making it a reality. 


Her life coaching business is picking up. Which motivates  me to push harder to start all the things I want to do. 


The time is now. This minute. This second. This post was long overdue. A month actually. But I will make a commitment to myself to post more contact. 


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